Iittala glass + stemware

The iittala drinking glass and stemware collections are aesthetically distinctive designs that suit contemporary tastes and lifestyles, and also offer great durability. Design classics such as the Aino Aalto glasses and the Ultima Thule have been in production for many years, and stand the test of time. Iittala offers the very best of Finnish and Scandinavian design.

Iittala Glassware and Stemware
You know Iittala for their striking yet straightforward take on contemporary Nordic home décor, and their glassware collections are fine examples of that. Since it was founded in Finland in 1881, Iittala has continuously set the stage for premium design objects, helping to define mid-century home décor through iconic glass pieces such as the famed Aalto Vase by Alvar Aalto and the iconic glass birds by Oiva Toikka. Unsurprisingly, Iittala has employed the same artful approach to their collection of tasteful glassware in these breathtaking collections from Didriks.

Discover classic Iittala glasses made with exceptional clear or colored glass. Durable and substantial machine-blown glass serves as an excellent easy-care vessel for all your favorite beverages. Much of Iittala’s latest glassware collections are forged from high-quality, 100% recycled glass produce from waste glass at the Iittala factory in Finland. Each Iittala glass is designed for beauty coupled with practicality, so most are dishwasher safe and designed for easy care. And with Iittala drinkware, quality does not come at the compromise of style.

Simple Yet Artful Designs
Although they appear simple in design, Iittala pitchers and glasses make a splash on any table or bar. Didriks offers a full suite of attractive and iconic Iittala stemware and glasses to suit your décor style. From the iconic Kaj Franck-designed Iittala tumblers in a range of vivid hues — once exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York — to elegant machine-blown glass wine glasses that suit any environment, you’ll discover a piece of Iittala glass at Didriks that honors your specific vision. Explore Iittala water glasses, cocktail glasses, wine glasses and artfully styled pitchers in the Iittala collections from Didriks.

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52 Items