Sabre Paris

Sabre Paris is named after the fencing weapon, the sabre. Light and flexible, the rules of engagement with this weapon are less strict and freer than they are for foil and epee. When Francis and Pascale Gelb founded Sabre Paris, they were guided by the same philosophy, embracing lightness and flexibility in Sabre flatware and servingware designs for modern living. The combinations made possible by Sabre’s wide variety of looks and color choices are almost endless. Find your contemporary style with Sabre Paris.

Complete Your Stunning Tablescape with Sabre Paris
Sabre Paris has been a premier manufacturer of elegant and artful tableware for nearly 30 years. Founded in 1993 by multi-generation French goldsmith Francis Gelb, Sabre Paris strives to offer fine-quality flatware for daily use, not just special occasions — though many of these designs are right at home among fine porcelain dinnerware and refined table linens. Sabre Paris silverware is crafted from quality materials like high-carbon stainless steel, color-stable acrylic, enduring porcelain and simpler but long-lasting elements. These pieces are meant to bring bold beauty to the dinner table, whether you’re using them on a holiday or a weeknight. The most popular and inspiring collections by Sabre Paris are available at Didriks.

Sabre Paris Cutlery and Utensils
Although it’s made with time-honored, elegant components, Sabre Paris flatware is not all pomp and circumstance. In fact, Sabre flatware has made a name for itself with the avant-garde designs featuring bright colors and whimsical patterns not seen in previous silverware collections. Integrations with a fresh attitude include raw, natural materials — rustic yet durable teak wood and gorgeously textured horn, for example — as well as brightly colored acrylic handles and beadwork-inspired stainless-steel textures that cannot be imitated. Whether you seek a bright and splashy table for picnics or birthday parties, or you’re going for minimalist and chic at a romantic dinner for two, there’s a collection of Sabre Paris flatware for you.

Sabre Paris Serving Utensils
Sabre Paris offers more than just forks and knives to make your tablescape stand apart from the ordinary. It also provides an array of serving and kitchen utensils to bring the same high-style aesthetic to your cooking and entertaining toolkit. Explore stunning Sabre Paris cheese knives, serving spoons, salad serving sets, bread knives, can openers, ladles and so much more by this time-honored French mainstay. Didriks hand-selects an assortment of the finest French artisan goods, so be sure to explore the complete collection for the most unique discoveries by Sabre Paris and more.

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